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Our site is about Authors, Writers, and Talents, as well as supporting them as they support us. It’s also about having a little fun if you see the activity on the top of the page. What that means is all the creatives mentioned have something to do with the site. They have a vested interest in some of what’s happening. Promotions of artists and their products come from the input of others, and careful selection of their followers and particular crowds they themselves are involved in. Join us in reading, listening, and participating in their special projects, and talents. After all, it’s about not only creativity but you the viewer too!

We endeavor to add a human touch to our cafe like style site. There’s books to buy and read, there’s music you can listen to, and podcasts by people who have things interesting to say. Stick around, have some coffee, sit back and relax while you browse through our selections. Read profiles and discover new things about our authors, writers, talents, and creatives.


99 Cent Hot Books will be sending out small surveys, and different kinds of email newsletters to people who have opted into sites, where they can either read books online, or download them and read with a popular reader like Kindle, and others. This means that when we market our Talents, Authors, Writers, and Musicians, those who have paid memberships here, they will be  supporting each other. This allows one hand to wash the other in the endeavor to not only create, publish and produce, but help help colleagues in getting their products out to their ideal target market.

Check out our profiles page and see who’s already there. If you’d like a chance to get yourself on it and be promoted, fill out the contact form and let’s get started.