Breaking Authors Free!

At www.99CentHotBooks.com it’s really about breaking Authors, Writers, and Artists free of the constraint of traditional book publishing. We are now an affiliate with Amazon, and soon other larger stores, and have the freedom to list Author’s independent, otherwise selling books on our site, so that we can market ALL books whether they’re independent, or in contract with digital book publishing platforms.

It’s a joint effort. Authors help us, we help Authors. A win, win situation will take place as books are marketed directly to readers bringing them to www.99CentHotBooks.com.

Authors pick from 3 different packages. When Authors, Writers, and Publishers buy a level 2 or above package, www.99CentHotBooks.com takes steps to build a page, and presentation that will help sell their book. It’s really that simple. After that, the more you buy, the better we are able to promote your book.

Many Public Relations firms, and traditional book publishers have you locked into either high prices, or locked into a contract that you can not change as to how THEY promote your book, or what outlets you can sell them at. With our way of doing things, if your contracts don’t say otherwise, we can send an ad about your book out to prospective readers, leading them to your author page at www.99CentHotBooks to buy your book.

www.99CentHotBooks.com is an Author supported network that brings together the efforts of the Writer, and the power of the internet to maximize the profit system giving the power back to those individuals who publish, and want to distribute their writings to people who want to read them.

99 Cent Hot Books is about independent authors/writers/publishers/ and artists.

  • Freedom: When readers buy your independent from www.99CentHotBooks.com, you receive full profit price of the book less any charges from a 3rd party payment system of your choice.
  • Freedom Again: You can use your KDP, or Smashwords, marketed book when you purchase our “Level 3 Package”. 99 Cent Hot Books will adopt a link sending readers to your book in those venues. No need to worry about contract conflicts.
  • Originality: With your independent book, you can add your own illustrations, and make the full piece into a PDF. This way you won’t need to format it to any other type of Book reader formatting needs. When you receive payment, or request for your book, YOU fill the order. You simply send the book to the email provided in the contact form custom-made for your purchase.

If you’d like to go to our authors offers page, click here! We’ll see you on the other side!

If you have any questions about this… Please use our contact form, we promise to get back to you.