Author Profiles: L. Hunter

Author: L. Hunter
Author: L. Hunter



L Hunter is a native of Detroit, MI. Her passion for writing started in high school with poems and short stories and she’s been hooked on writing ever since. Not only is she an avid writer she’s a avid reader as well. She loves meeting and talking to various people, as she states “You can learn so much just by conversation”.
L Hunters’ fiction first appeared in print in April of 2014. Entitled Choices & Consequences, an epic tale of love; loyalty and friendships. Seen through the eyes of Jazmine Jaz Taylor as she embarks on a journey of survival. Learning along the way living in a lavish lifestyle comes at a price, sometimes a price resulting in unforseen destruction. With her vast networking skills L Hunter has had the opportunity to collaborate with authors such as author Hood Chronicles owner of World Haven Agenda Publishing as well as authors Jasmine Devonish,Kendra Graves and Cha’Bella Don.
Hersonality Traits published in January of 2015, produces storylines concerning personality flaws which ultimately cause chaotic relationships for our feminine characters. Look for more writings from L Hunter entitled Choices – Consequences The End Game and Chassidy Kincaid Her Heart Was Her Flaw.

L Hunters’ Motto is: The words I speak will fade, yet the words I write will be my Legacy.