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Breaking Authors Free

Breaking Authors Free!

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At it’s really about breaking Authors, Writers, and Publishers free of the constraint of traditional book publishers. We will be affiliates with the bigger companies to list an Author’s other books on our site, so that we can market ALL books whether they’re independent, or in contract with digital book publishing platforms.

It’s a joint effort. Authors help us, we help Authors. A win, win situation will take place as books are marketed directly to readers bringing them to

Authors pick from packages, or single selection after buying the Level 2 package or above. When Authors, Writers, and Publishers buy a level 2 or above package, takes steps to build a page, and presentation that will help sell their book. It’s really that simple. is an Author supported network that brings together the efforts of the Writer, and the power of the internet to maximize the profit system giving the power back to those individuals who publish, and want their writings out for people who want to read them.

Get on board! Join our group at: