Inception the Movie

Inception 1 Inception the Movie

“Spectacular Action”
Caryn James of News Week

“Dazzling and Breathtaking”
Roger Ebert of Chicago Sun Times

If you had the ability to design a dream not using anything you could naturally think of, and you have to make it all up by scratch, what would you do? How would you do it?

A dream, within a dream, within a dream that’s continuously spinning around in evolutionary circles yet seemingly going somewhere while your body stays in a temporal stasis and actually going nowhere a the same time. Yet a goal emerges, and it’s a high stake plot when a professional mind navigator is paid to extract secrets from your mind in a dream.

These are the kinds of feelings inception will give you. The more you begin to understand it.

Awarded Best Cinematography

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“I call it sitting on a spinning a wheel of action that you beg to stay on top of! A seriously complicated, but entertaining and full of action film that is a must see again and again and again. HEART STOPPING
Chris Voice