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J. R. R. Tolkien created thousands of generations with LTR. It’s been an icon of fantasy writers, readers, as well as the movie industry that extends through today. The chances are that tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow, it will be still talked about. LTR had taken 15 years of Tolkien’s life to complete, but had developed in his head from the years of his life before. Tolkien was a linguist, an author, a writer, a geologist, a professor, a student, and a resilient loner, and above all, he was a man of great integrity, stealth, and perseverance. His life had taken him from losing his father at age four, and his mother at age 12, to college, the first world war, and back to college again as a professor, (“There and back again), then to an unexpected turn after of his book being published. See our Blog


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