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Gain An Advantage on Slot Machines with Chris's Las Vegas Low Baller - Book 1

How to Gain an Advantage as a Las Vegas Low Baller


What’s the first thing ya know?

Ol’ Jed’s a millionaire! The kin folks said “Jed, move away from there!”

Ol’ Jed Clampet, is a lucky guy! The newspaper reads “A hillbilly from the Ozarks, (or somewhere), who got his bucket of gold dreams by finding an oil spring in the wilderness!”. Is this a real scenario? The answer is NO!

The last thing people need is to think that they can go to Las Vegas and get rich by sheer luck. Albeit, it does happen, however not often, and not to everyone. You see marque pictures where the casinos are in Las Vegas that show many times elderly couples, or individuals who have found a scratch off, or had a lucky strike at a slot machine for anywhere from $5000, to $100,000 just by walking up and putting money in a machine. YES, it does happen, but the news you read doesn’t match the luck you get many times.

Why begin this e-book with Jed Clampet and the Hillbillies? Because it’s about knowing you won’t get rich unless you know that you KNOW what you are doing, and have enough experience with playing the VEGAS slots to the best you possibly can. I spent 2 years in Vegas. I learned to walk away with about $3,000 a week. But I lost around $10,000 in the span of about 6 months in order to understand the process of the machines. As well, I’m dyslexic, but I’ve tapped into a small ability to understand on how to read the machines, and keep certain counts of what happens with the machines as the reels turn, or slow down in the process. They even sometimes turn counter-clockwise, as well as clockwise, depending on the reel number they are in, or sequence they are programmed for. But we’ll get into that a bit later.

For now, I want to direct your attention to the whole casino experience. What’s the reason you go to Las Vegas? Is it to relax, get away, and have a little fun? YES, but Las Vegas is so much more!

It’s the shows, the attractions of the atmosphere, and the excitement that keeps people coming back. The lure is a subliminal “RICH” possibility. The possibility that YES YOU TOO can become RICH in Vegas! But the key operative word is CAN. This word is actually a disclaimer saying basically either you may get rich, or you may not. To many people, the lure of Las Vegas is a dream, not a reality. To some, it’s a place of business to make a quota of money from their extra profits, or blow it all simply because they are only having fun. These people, would be the High Rollers who don’t care about loosing $50,000 a day. Who wouldn’t love to do that? To others, its only a place to go where one can have selective fun, because of all the bad influences that reside in the biggest adult playground in the world.

There are a lot of good influences as well. Las Vegas has changed for the changing popular interests with parents bringing their children on vacations with them. The city has taken a bit of interest in this as its created parts of Las Vegas for families, as well as thrill seeking adults.

There are over 4 million people living in Las Vegas, and almost ten times that amount frequent Las Vegas from outside towns, or outside states. It’s no wonder why Las Vegas is the must-see destination of even people from other countries. The entertainment, and challenges are among the most sought for goals by tourists.

All this being said, let’s get down to business. Though, I have a great time talking about my city, I have a greater time talking about what I like to do best. I like to gamble. Now the question may come to your mind, “Is this guy RICH?” that answer is a big “NO!” (Ha ha,) But I like what I do, as long as it’s not excessive. And if I don’t watch it, it can be.

So, what’s the first thing you do when you walk into a casino? Do you watch all the machines, and hope to find one that wins for you as you anxiously to jump right in and see? Do you head straight for the buffet? Well, let’s stop right there, I head straight for the buffet first. Why? It’s because while I am in line, I have to hold my own place. I can’t go out and gamble, but I am forced to watch and listen. That’s the key to only the beginning of my time there. Sure, I can be enthused about everyone else winning bonuses, or cashing out lots of dough, but from where I stand in line, I may not see exactly what kind of bonuses are happening, or even if they win anything from them. I just hear the bells, and whistles. Some bonuses really don’t pay off well because the machine isn’t ready to pay off. The images just happen to be in sync enough to hit. It doesn’t mean that the free spins from the bonus, or the animated challenge prizes are going to pay at all. They may all be full of what I choose to call “BUNK”. It’s the combinations many times that pay because the machine is bound to the odds presented. If you are paying .25 cents per spin, and you have a combination that carries a certain amount of wild images from reel one, then combines with a large image granting x10, the machine has no choice but to pay out no matter how the current odds are. You win that amount. But be careful. If the machine is not paying, you will see and miss that x10 image so many times it will frustrate you, and begin to understand that the machine is only bating you. However, the things you can learn from watching can be quite interesting.

Let’s change channels for a bit shall we?

When I am on certain social networks, (and I do like my social networking), I select the social gaming buttons, it takes me to the games that are free, and I like to play. The problem with that is, many of my social network friends don’t want invitations to the game that I’m are playing. Some social networks take it upon themselves to send these invitations at different intervals, while I play. Then later, it stops my gaming, and asks me if I would like to send more invitations to more friends. Why? So that someone will also play while I’m playing, and the games promise that if they do, then I’ll also win more free spins. What this does is, it takes the REAL out of the experience, because in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter how many people play the slot machines at the same time.

One more disadvantage playing social gaming is that in order to have a game that you want, you need to work up enough levels to play it. If you lose all your credits (in free gaming), then you can’t gamble with high enough amounts to get to that game for four hours or until the next day depending on how it’s set up by the programmer. One option is to buy more credits, (we will talk about that in just a second). In short, social gaming has limits, but those limits keep you connected, addicted, and encourage you to play more in the order of inviting more friends (even if they don’t want to be invited), and get more bonuses.

When you lose all your credits, and you still want to play, you can always buy more credits. YEAH! VIRTUAL CREDITS! So, you throw your money away, just for virtual play? Yep you do! (or you want to). You get nothing except sheer enjoyment of winning, (or loosing) more credits. None of it has any real cash value. If it did, everyone would play in the social gaming atmosphere as opposed to the Las Vegas slot machines.

Now, that being said, if you have a Fry’s Electronics store in your neighborhood, or a large software store, you may find several sets of software that you can load into your computer to play that are not offensive to your social network friends, and most don’t require you to be online while playing.

They have a virtual casino style software that you can play up to about 8 or 10 different slot machines with the same software, and you NEVER run out of credits, and NEVER need to buy any. You have sound effects, and some of the games you will see have been in casinos. Only NOT the SAME games. These software games are quite a bit looser. Its fun, a bit challenging, but it’s never going to be REAL WORLD slot gaming, and its never going to give you practice for the real games. I did mention that it WAS fun yea?

I guess the truth is that you won’t get a real world experience with slot gaming of any type unless you go to a casino Las Vegas or otherwise. That’s just the cold hard truth. But it depends on what you want. Do you want to just have fun playing the social slots, pay for virtual credits imposed as cash, and get lucky bonuses, all along with bugging your friends to join in, or simply never get anything back from your investment besides the killing of some time, or a smile when you win $100,000 which means nothing in the real world? After enough playing these games for me, it became a very hollow feeling. Great to pass the time, but when it came down to it, I won that $100,000, it was just as if I were playing that big money trading game… You make lots of money, and you make all your friends go broke, but when it comes down to it, you are no better off then before you sat down to play. I have always been an adventurer, this being said, I like the real challenges. So, call me crazy, I’ve been called worse, believe me. I have never been accused of being sane. True story.

So, where on earth does that put us? It puts us right where we started, but still you have me here with you giving you some tips that should help you gain an advantage. The key is to keep your head, and remember a plan. Not exactly a strategy, but a plan that you customize and change as the machine changes, because they change their strategy on any selected minute, and when they do, you have to adjust your plan to fit the machine. When all else fails, you have to get up and leave the machine, and find another one, or just get a coffee, and change the location of the casino you’re playing in. A lot of times, that can be the difference between winning, and losing against a Las Vegas slot machine.

You have to give yourself time to adjust to the situation. That’s why I said that I go to the buffet line first thing, it forces me to take time to observe. Observance, is a good part of the key to keeping your head. Remember, when you get to the casino, its full of people who want to just sit down and play. They leave it to luck a lot of times. I am trying to level those odds from the moment I step in. It happens to be that my technique helps. It grants me enough winnings, that when I walk out of the casino, smile, and sometimes by Friday, I can treat myself to something special. Yep, for me its a 4 day work week, and depending on the time of day, or day of the week, I can muster more than my fair share of winnings. Keep in mind, it’s a large learning curve, and many times expensive. If you have the funds to work at it, it can be very well worth it.

My late father many times used a phrase when I was young that never hit me until I was seriously in the work world, and would run out of money. He would say, “A fool and his money will soon depart.” He was usually right, that is if I were a fool. At times I found I was. If you really look at the casino guests, you’ll see the intense looks on some people’s faces while they watch as the reels stop hoping that with each stop, will be a magic combination that would bring them back what they lost, or a stupendous victory, that they can take to the bank. Oh, the bank? Really? NOPE. If it happens, they’ll usually play it off, unless they’re the type to get up and leave right after that “Big win”. We’ll get back to that kind of guy/girl in a minute because there’s a real lesson with that in both scenarios.

So, where do we go from here? Well we’re not climbing a mountain, not going swimming even though many casinos have swimming pools, it’s just you and me talking about what to do with your gaming experience.

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How to gain an Advantage as a Las Vegas Low Baller

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